The Gift of OLLI Membership


OLLI Member and Chair of the Advisory Council, Carol Rahmani, shared with us some of her memories of her 2016 OLLI experience. Here is an excerpt:

“So, the bulk of my time continues to be spent in …OLLI-NC State. I am in my second year of a two-year term as Chair of the OLLI Advisory Council, which entails leading the Council and attending meetings of all the standing committees within OLLI.

I enjoy my opportunities to collaborate with the stellar OLLI staff and to interact with other members who serve on committees. When I joined OLLI in 2009, I was interested in partaking of the fine course offerings, but my involvement in the organization has led to far more than that. I’ve enjoyed developing collegial relationships through committee-work, and have also established lasting and meaningful friendships with other members of what we refer to as our “community of learners.”

Last week marked the end of our fall semester courses, and on my final day of class, I attended a genetics class in the morning and a class on ancient Greece in the afternoon. ……It occurred to me at the end of that final day of the semester that, in one day, OLLI had enabled me to engage in a virtual time-travel experience spanning 2500 years, from the frontier of today’s scientific advances back in time to the Bronze Age. Wow!”

As 2016 comes to a close and you start to make plans and set goals for 2017, consider becoming more involved in the OLLI program as a volunteer. You will be making a valuable contribution to the program you love and will receive many benefits in return. Just come and visit us in the OLLI office in room 225 on the second floor of Mckimmon Center to find out what opportunities there are.

Have a wonderful holiday and we’ll see you in 2017 for another year of educational programs spanning the whole spectrum of topics and eras!

Joan Hardman-Cobb (Assistant Director, OLLI at NC State)