The Thrill of Lifelong Learning


OLLI Class – “Gadgets: How They Work and How to Use Them”

I was listening to an audiobook on my morning commute today to lessen the tedium of morning traffic. The book was “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics” narrated by its writer Carlo Rovelli. In it he discusses such groundbreaking work as the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Physics. He explained these complex ideas in such a simple, beautiful way that had me full of admiration for his skills as a writer and narrator and in making the work of great scientists so accessible.

I felt excited by the subject matter in a way that took me right back to my teenage years in science classes. The experience also reminded me of how amazed I was in my first philosophy class as an undergraduate to be asked to think about the world in such different ways.

That is how OLLI members feel every time they come to class or participate in a lecture. How fortunate we are to be part of the lifelong learning movement and to have so many opportunities to exercise our curiosity. Many people stop doing that for a variety of reasons when they leave formal education. Let’s be grateful that as members of OLLI at NC State University we are not among them!

Joan Hardman-Cobb

OLLI Assistant Director