Fall Semester Kick-Off to Feature Award-Winning Journalist

Cullen Browder Pic

Cullen Browder, one of the nation’s top investigative journalists, will be the speaker at OLLI’s Fall Semester Kick-Off and Open House at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 6. His timely subject: “The Importance of Investigative Reporting to Our Democracy.”

Cullen knows all about investigative reporting. That’s his beat at WRAL-TV News, where he is the chief investigative reporter. His work has won him major regional and national awards since he joined the station in 1998. It’s likely that his role has never been more challenging than today, with a President accusing the media of “fake news,” and Americans throughout the country debating major issues and how the media cover them.

The Tennessee native has received multiple Emmy awards from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He’s also been honored by the Associated Press and the Radio Television Digital News Association. The Washington Post has recognized him as one of the best state capitol reporters in America, helping to bring about significant changes in North Carolina state government. He’s also explored issues from citizens battling Alzheimer’s to the challenge of homelessness. Continue reading Fall Semester Kick-Off to Feature Award-Winning Journalist

A Pleasant Surprise

Thumbs Up SmileyMy frail, 86 year old sister has been using a walker for several years. Visiting her in Pennsylvania recently, it was obvious that this form of mobility was becoming more and more difficult for her; maneuvering from the house to the car to a building was now a slow, tiring procedure.

After finishing dinner at a local restaurant, we began the laborious process of getting her back home. The restaurant was crowded with many people waiting to be seated, but they graciously stepped aside, creating a pathway for us to get to the door. One young man stepped away from his group to open and hold the door for us. We thanked him for his thoughtfulness and he quietly asked, “Would you like me to get your car for you?”

This act of kindness offered from a concerned stranger was greatly appreciated. Some members of the aging population lament that they are becoming “invisible.” It is refreshing and encouraging to come in contact with younger people who still “see” and respond to senior citizens.

Mercedes Horton

OLLI Shines!


Look at this brilliant photo of the eclipse from NASA that shows the sun like a shiny diamond peaking around the moon. OLLI is the same kind of beacon in our community, a place that takes our minds and imaginations on new adventures. So grab your fall catalog and sign up now. Many courses are filling up, but the great thing about OLLI is that the second, third, and fourth course options are as compelling as the first one!

Katie Long