Wind Dancer

I am a dancing windmill, turning freely in the wind. Birds fly around me cawing and screeching as if scoffing my solo performance. I don’t care what they think. The wind is my music, a varying tempo pulsating against me, around me, pushing me into a carefree state like bubbles floating, flitting into the cornflower blue sky. When the wind stops, I stand tall and proud like a general addressing his troops or a ballerina posed beautifully, perfectly still on her very straight, trained tips of her toes. A small breeze teases me, an encore to perform again like a peony blossom revealing itself in stages until all the colorful layers are peeled back. I do not perform for anyone. I dance for myself: the wind and I, partners in life. I am a wind dancer.

Nancy Huber

Nancy was an OLLI staff member for almost 10 years before retiring in May 2018. Born the middle child in a family of seven kids on a farm in northern Illinois she has lived in North Carolina since 1999. She loves reading, swimming, brisk walks, writing, old movies, and filling her bucket list with travel ideas. This piece was inspired by a photograph she saw while in a writing class.

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